Thursday, September 6, 2007

Leon out

Chivas USA might have finally settled into some form of consistency on the field this year but the front office is rather unsettled.

After GM Whit Haskel left the club in the preseason, CEO and interim GM Javier Leon is no longer with the club. The club announced that he "is leaving his post to pursue other endeavors."

Still, it sounded more like it wasn't his idea to leave.

Said Antonio Cue: "You don’t do changes when everything is bad. You do changes when things are good, going well and you have to adjust things. That’s the reason behind it."

We'll have more on this tomorrow, including some audio of Cue.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Goodbye, Javier

Thanks for all the great sellouts, the aquisition of world class players, and getting our new stadium project off the ground.

Your pal,
Antonio Cue

p.s. Good luck with Chivas China and running them into the ground, too.