Friday, September 21, 2007

Another mutual parting

Jose Mourinho isn't the only coach whose club didn't exactly try and talk him into staying.

Mexican side Atlas essentially sacked boss Ruben Omar Romano. The Argentine said he would walk away after this weekend's match against Jaguares but Atlas officials responded with a "Why wait?" decree and told him to walk.

Maybe it's their cool red-and-black uniforms, but Atlas is the perennial tease. The club always looks like it's got a fighting chance before the season starts but inevitably it all falls apart. This year was no different. Atlas acquired Bruno Marioni and the club seemed poised to make a strong run at the title.

Instead, after eight weeks, Atlas is 0-6-2 and is the lone Mexican club without a win this season.

While this season may indeed have been Romano's fault, signs seem to indicate that the long-standing problem at the club runs deeper than the manager.

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