Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Evasive manuevers

The SuperClasico took place a while ago, but the fallout of the fan trouble still lingers. I'm not convinced the league has a good plan to avoid future situations. If they do, they are keeping it to themselves.


Anonymous said...

"...the fallout of fan trouble still lingers"... only in your mind Andrea. Move On.

A.C. said...

So, the Legion stayed quiet during the first half of their latest home game for no reason at all?

Why didn't they move on?

jamesey said...

Anonymous, you're an idiot. There are lawsuits, medical bills, and police investigations being made. There are even some members of the CUSA FO who knew the assault was going to happen and didn't do anything. The whole ordeal has been kept fairly quiet, but it's far from over.

Anonymous said...

I'm certain the Chivas FO is well aware about the actions of the Legion. They really are on top of things.
Then again, there is the matter of Amado Guevara's picture in front of the stadium for all to see of the former goat.

The Legion will never stop being protected by the FO. Hence, the festering odor coming from the GA seating.

FC Uptown said...

What was the purpose of "staying quiet"? I don't understand the purpose of that.

Joel Aceves said...

The Legion was paying homage to the Quiet Squad, as an apology for the parkinglot Shenanigans, which is why they didnt make noise.

And to improve their behavior I bet they have a warm welcoming planed for the Americrap fans that will most likely find their way to the HDC this Saturday.

Sadly, Cuauhtemoc's bottom dwelling fans will show more passion than the Riotous Galacto tards.. .

artnsue said...

I went to last Saturday Chivas home game and the Legion was "quiet" because no one was there! There was literally 1/3 of the people in that Legion 1908 section than at the Galaxy Chivas game (no banners, no streamers, no smoke bombs either). Let alone the fact that even though they advertised 13,000 in attendance (seats sold, sad enough as that is!) but the actually attendance thru the gate was probably 8,000 at best. True fans still go to ALL GAMES, not just the "big" games. Another funny thing, my fricken watch set off the metal detector at the Chivas game Saturday, that has never happened. But the next day at the Galaxy game, I walked right thru.

Anonymous said...

Funny... there were incidents involving flares being thrown on the field this weekend in the Mexican league and the President of the Mexican Federation asked that the authorities take a stronger stance on the matter:


Then, when the discipline report came out for the week it read:


2000 days of minimum wage for throwing flares and objects onto the field of play, 1500 days of minimum wage and a first warning toward a stadium-ban for a lack of security in the stands, and 500 days of minimum wage for allowing the entry of flares into the stadium.

Lets see... if we applied this to Chivas, at the new rate of $8 this would be...

$128,000 for throwing flares and objects onto the field of play, $96,000 and a first warning toward a stadium-ban for a lack of security in the stands, and $32,000 for allowing the entry of flares into the stadium.

It's a sad day when the Mexican league, with all its flaws, has a little more common sense when it comes to security and the enforcement of safety policies than MLS.

L.B. said...

Trying to punish teams for their fans' unruly behavior isn't something common in American sports. You'll see teams forced to play a game in an empty stadium overseas but that would never happen here in any major American sport. If you want to compare MLS' reaction to such fan incidents, do so with leagues such as the NBA or the NFL, not foreign leagues who play by different rules.

Bob Ramsey said...

Andrea, why all of the qualifiers in the article when it comes to reporting the assaults on LARS?

In the initial reports after the match, the president of the Legion confirms that the bottle throwing happened before the match, but that "LARS started it".

Even the otherwise mindless post above by Joel Aceves affirms that it happened.

How about doing a little more first hand reporting? You're obviously reading the LARS boards for some of your information, but plenty of us would be willing to go on record and I would be very interested to hear why people in the Legion feel that walking into a stadium is sufficient provocation for throwing bottles.

A.C. said...

Actually, I haven't read the LARS boards - members emailed me with the info I included. I didn't see any of the incidents take place (that's first-hand reporting - getting info from others is second-hand stuff)and a major point of the article was how difficult it was to get any objective confirmation of what did take place.

Anonymous said...

Luis, perhaps more important than the punishment itself is the promptness of the response.

MLS still hasn't said a thing on the matter. It's been almost 2 weeks.

FMF slept on it and took a position in the morning.

The point is: What's MLS waiting for?