Monday, September 24, 2007

Q in pain

"Quavas did a pretty good job," assessed Frank Yallop after the match.

Quavas Kirk, or Q, as he's known, was a last-minute replacement after Kelly Gray went down with an injury in the warm-ups.

Thing is, I thought Q started well, but got progressively worse as the game went on.

Considering I'd thought Edson Buddle was playing poorly one night when he was actually struggling to perform with a hamstring injury, I thought I'd ask Q how his foot was doing after the game.

Q has struggled with plantar fascitis all year and his normally cheery face clouded when I brought up the issue.

"Man, it started out feeling ok, and so I could really play, but after a while, it was hurting so bad. I tried to keep going for the team, but it was hard."

He's hoping it heals up well in the offseason. Considering that, I wouldn't expect to see him play the next game at all, because it looks like the effort in this match flared the injury up again.

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