Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kljestan's arrival

Chivas USA's season has thus far really been split right down the middle.

On July 14, Chivas USA played their 15th game of the season and beat Columbus 2-1. That gave them a 7-5-3 record. Through that game, Sacha Kljestan had 1 goal and 3 assists.

Since then, Chivas USA has gone 6-1-2 and can clinch a playoff spot with a win or tie against Kansas City on Saturday. Between the Crew game and Sunday's 1-1 tie at Colorado, Sacha Kljestan has 3 goals and 6 assists. In those games, Chivas has scored 19 goals and have not been shut out.

That's no coincidence. Sacha Kljestan is filling a key role in the midfield and with the club overall. Chivas has shot up the table and become a legitimate title contender because now they have someone pulling the strings in the midfield.

But what's most impressive about Sacha is his mentality and his awareness that, despite the presence of other tried-and-true veterans, he still feels like it is his responsibility to be one of the team's top players.

"If we're going to be a team that wins the Western Conference and wants to win an MLS Cup, I need to be the guy who is kind of controlling the attack from the midfield."


Anonymous said...

panchito was last year's MVP and i really think sacha is quietly taking hold of this year's award. (galindo/guzan a close 2nd...if not co-mvp).

luis, im surprised it took you this long to give chivas usa so much coverage. i love it, keep up the good work!

Jess Aguinaga said...

Weirdos, you got your wish.