Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Is Joe right?

Joe Cannon thought the rivalry between Houston and LA had died down.

Here's how that topic came up after their game

Scott French: "Does the rivalry thing - the San Jose days - still exist?

Joe: No - we'll see next year. I'm sure it will.

Scott: No, I mean with this team, Houston.

Joe: Not much. Especially now because we've got the SuperClasico and with them going to Houston. I think a rivalry is created partly on the proximity between the two teams. Since we don't have that, its kind of a little out of sorts.

Any Houston or LA fans agree or disagree?


Eddie said...

He's right.
Houston, though it had the same players is not the same team. The rivalry is as much with the city and their fans as it is with the team,by moving to Houston the rivalry died.

Bob Ramsey said...

I think it's gone, too. They're not the Quakes. Besides, almost the entire Galaxy team has turned over since we went to San Jose and killed off their team in '05.

It did seem like it the rivalry might still be on for some of the Houston players - they seemed a little testy on Saturday.

But most of all, I was glad that the San Jose fans didn't come down to the HDC like they have in the past. They were like a women who still hangs around her ex-boyfriend and does errands and babysits for him and his wife.

FC Uptown said...

Slightly different take: Two cities that truly hate each other are Dallas and the former SJ, Houston. If Dallas would ever beat Houston it would turn into a real Texas Classico. Right now it is only the fans that despise each other openly at games. Keep your eyes out in the coming years for the Dynamo-FCD rivalry.

blahblah said...

The icing on the cake is the possibility The Galaxy continue to suck on the field and come 2008, the expansion team up north walks all over them.

p.s. bob ramsey: that ex-girlfriend comment was priceless