Friday, September 28, 2007

Neid on Brazil

I like it when people I respect agree with me. For all those who claim that Brazil would have beaten the U.S. no matter who was in goal, I submit that Germany's coach, Sylvia Neid, recognized that the U.S. team did not play the way they could have and should have.

Now, I'm not saying that Brazil wouldn't have won anyway, but I think to say that putting Scurry into goal helped the team rather than unsettled them is ludicrious.

I also think it's wrong to say that Brazil would have won no matter who was in goal. No one knows that.


Anonymous said...

Brazil had a hard time with the more organized and disciplined Australians. Even down two goals the Matildas stuck with it and eventually their discipline, toughness and desire brought them back to tie but Brazil's skill won out in the end. Brazil might have won regardless but the fact remains that going into the match the US showed that they were superior in terms of organization and teamwork.

I expected the US to win because they have what Australia has but even more so. The goalkeeper change unsettled the team and then the early own goal reinforced that sense of dread and the red card finished them.

I’m from Baltimore and it reminded me of the opening match the Ravens had where they had 6 turnovers but wound up losing by one touchdown and a disputed interference call in the end zone in the last minute.

When teams are this close in ability and talent, the slightest thing can make a difference and the US team did everything they could to give a great Brazilian team the edge. The US team went into the match scared and confused, and then went out and shot themselves in the foot. Brazil derives their win, but I really have to wonder what Ryan was thinking.

I don’t know if Scurry is a better keeper than Solo because Scurry hadn’t played in three months so to expect more than what you got, especially in a World Cup semifinal is delusional at best. The problem with goalkeeper changes is that there is less margin of error when it comes to rustiness than with any other position. If Scurry had been playing regularly for the last three months maybe she makes those saves but we’ll never know.

Sir Alf Ramsey used to keep players in the England team who were out of form at the club level because he didn’t want to upset the team chemistry. But then he was a real coach. This is the most fundamentally flawed coaching decision I’ve seen in years.

JT (Chicago) said...

Hmmmm ...

For one thing, I don't think Neid is going to start Silke Rottenberg in the Final.

Overall, though, she seems like she realizes that her team's strengths are an attack that will be multi-pronged and a defense that will shut down space quickly.
So, she'll put that team forward with some confidence that they can beat Brazil.

Sounds like the sort of team that the USA had before Ryan decided to play long ball and sit back to absorb pressure.

I'm still thinking about who will win the Final but if I were a fan of Germany, I'd have full confidence that my team's manager would give her team the best tactical chance to win.