Monday, September 24, 2007

Dallas reacts

I covered the Galaxy-FC Dallas match for the Dallas Morning News as well as the Press-Enterprise and I went into FC Dallas' locker room right after the Galaxy post-game presser ended. I missed coach Steve Morrow but then again so did everyone else. He apparently didn't want to talk to anyone.

I scrambled initially. I didn't know who I should talk to. I figured I'd talk to Morrow and then go from there but without Morrow I had to take a moment to figure out who to chat with. I talked with Dax McCarty initially because he scored his first-ever MLS goal in the match and played the whole game. He actually was better than I thought. Sometimes, young guys can wander and not really say a whole lot but Dax was fairly well-spoken. Here's audio of Dax.

I also talked to Arturo Alvarez and Dario Sala. I thought Sala might have been a little sour but he wasn't surly or angry at all. He had some good things to say about Chris Klein, something to the affect of "He's got one of the best shots in the league."

So although Morrow blew us off, I still managed to make something of my visit to FC Dallas' locker room.

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