Thursday, September 27, 2007

DiCicco the coach

Aside from taking the current coach to task, Tony DiCicco is also a coach.

He was named coach of the Boston Breakers of the upcoming women's pro league.

Thus, DiCicco will be a coach when the league starts in '09 - wonder where Greg Ryan will be by then.


A.C. said...

You've assuming the league will start in 2009. I'm not so sure.

L.B. said...

Because of this result or because it's doomed regardless?

Longshoe said...

Maybe a little of both. A good run in the Olympics next year would be nice...

I think a pro league, run with smart budgeting (similar to the USL-D1 level of pay), could work. Paying the salaries the WUSA was paying won't work, obviously.

Anonymous said...

I glade that DiCicco took Ryan to task. He more than anybody is qualified to make those statements. For those that may not know who DiCicco is, he coach the USWNT back in its glory years...though I can't recall the exact years.

FC Uptown said...

Hope Solo just RIPPED Ryan and Brianna in the postgame comments. Wow. This final game is all of a sudden an even bigger story.

JT (Chicago) said...

FC Uptown, wow! Guess Hope Solo just cut her ties with the USWNT. The USSF doesn't like players who speak their mind.

Where did you see the comments? Not on US Soccer of course!

Anonymous said...

The US national "sorority" team got outclassed on all fronts.

Speed: advantage Brazil.
Skill: advantage Brazil.
Discipline: advantage Brazil
Beautiful play: advantage Brazil
Heart: advantage Brazil
Tactics: advantage Brazil

Maybe we'll finally see a complete rebuilding and less reliance on Wambach. I also would like to see some diversity on our team, not just middle and upper class former sorority girls. I am not talking just ethnicity either, I remember Tiffany Milbrett had major heart back in the day and was a total scrapper from a single parent background, she wasn't the biggest or fastest but she never lost a 50/50 ball.

Jaime Cárdenas said...

Where will he be?

Not coaching the USWNT, that's for sure.

If this was a men's Wolrd Cup, Ryan would have been fired at halftime. Or, if that didn't happen, he would have stepped down as coach after the game.

Worst decision ever.

On another note, how magnificent has Marta's goal? What a play! What a player!!

-- Jaime

JT (Chicago) said...

jaime, yes!
Lost amidst all our sniping at Ryan was the praise we should also be directing at Marta.

What great play in this tournament overall but how about that two minute stretch where she danced around her marker on the endline to set up an opportunity and then the move she made for her 2nd goal?

If a Brazilian male player makes those moves, they are immediately put on the all time classics reel.
What a delight to watch.

Anonymous said...

Solo doesn't deserve to start after the comments she made about the coach and some of her team. How on earth could she say that she "There's no doubt in my mind I would have made those saves"??? She went on to blast Ryan and question his knowledge of the sport (excuse me but HE is the coach of the US National Team!) stating "It was the wrong decision, and I think anybody that knows anything about the game knows that,".
As far as unity in the dressing room, well, that is surely gone now after she went on to say "You have to live in the present. And you can't live by big names. You can't live in the past." - OUCH!
I say let her rot on the bench against Norway - that's all she deserves - so, unprofessional!