Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Devoid of meaning

I've been thinking about it, but I can't remember a game in recent years that meant so little as tonight's Galaxy-Real Salt Lake match. Even Chivas' September and October games in 2005 held some meaning for the other team.

It's still September but tonight's winner stands little chance of doing anything other than adding three points. The playoffs are so far out of reach for both sides, one win won't make a difference for either side.

I'm going to watch the game because I've got to keep tabs with the Galaxy; how much I watch... well, it'll range from pieces to most of it. I fear if I try to watch all of it, I'll fall asleep at some point in the second half.

I guess the best we can hope for is a couple of early goals so the game will open up. Or even better, a couple of early red cards so the game will be 10-on-10 and really open up.


pate said...

It's probably meaningful to a bunch of RSL fans who are trying to decide whether to renew their season tickets. ;)

Craig said...

What??? You mean the likes of Pavon getting out sprinted by the scoreboard, Ty Harden's matador defense, Peter V's back passing ability and Alan Gordon's "awesome" first touch aren't enough to keep you awake?

The Galaxy website should entice you into watching the game (you gotta love the BS optimism):

"For Real Salt Lake and the Los Angeles Galaxy, sitting at the foot of the Western Conference, any more lost points will likely mean an end to any hopes they harbor of reaching the MLS Cup Playoffs."

Remain calm... all is well... ALL IS WELL!!!!!!!!