Wednesday, September 26, 2007

traffic at night sucks

I had to sit for a second but I'm moving now. 80 mph

Anyway the game went well. I had a good chat with Edgar Castillo, New Mexico native who is an up and comer with El Tri.

I will write more about the night later. But one thing that struck me as amusing:

In the second half of the Santos-FAS game, the PA announcer said in Spanish: "your attention, Copa Sudamericana update, in a game played in Washington DC, Chivas 1, DC United 2."

That announcement got a healthy round of applause. Couldn't tell if it was the salvadorans or other cental Americans or Mexicans who cheered, but people cheered.


JT (Chicago) said...

It must have been the full moon. I missed the first 20 minutes of DC v Chivas on tv because of heavy traffic.

Plenty of people from everywhere don't care for Chivas. Whenever there's an El Tri match in Chicago, you can expect club america fans to start the anti-Chivas chants.

What's funny now for me is that I've supported Chivas for all these years but now with Blanco on the Fire, I'm cheering alongside all these club america supporters who are now Fire fans too.

Just doesn't seem right.

Saturday night at the HDC should have plenty of "atmosphere".

Anonymous said...

who is this gray text writer?

L.B. said...

I think the gray text was picking up on my mood. It was late and I was tired and in unfamiliar territory (I don't usually blog from the stands at the Coliseum or from the 60 freeway).

EdTheRed said...

Well, Chivas fired Chepo, so I guess there were at least a few people who weren't happy with the result...although I'm sure the writing was already on the wall given their league form right now.