Monday, September 17, 2007

Champs on the Galaxy

Houston's Dwayne De Rosario talks about the lifeless Galaxy.

Bonus points if you can tell me what that song is that Houston celebrated their victory with.


Anonymous said...

All due respect, Dwayne, but some of what you said is bogus. In fact, I take issue with most of it.

This team has been fighting and yet still coming out on the short end. I look at SuperLiga - we fought; I look at the close losses we've had vs. Red Bulls, DC United, and others.

Does he actually believe Landon Donovan and Chris Klein, on their own, can win these games? Did he not watch Thursday's game vs. Chivas - if there was one player doing all he could to win, it was LD - and we still lost 3-1.

Let's see how his Houston team would play with Robinson, Mullan, Barret, Mulrooney, Ching and Davis all out at the same time - or some combination thereof of several key players who have all played together for quite some time now. Something tells me DeRo and Waibel alone couldn't get the job done either.

Plus, playing a game every 3/4 days for 2 months - with a woefully depleted and inexperienced and undermanned roster; how successful would Houston be then?

None of these things are excuses; they're just facts that come into play which results in their record. It's not that there is no fight in them, as there have only been a handful of games (same as any other team - Houston included) in which they have not "shown up."

Funny he says old Galaxy teams put up a fight - guess he doesn't remember the "Comeback" game. They put up a fight, all right - with each other.

He seems to imply that this Galaxy team doesn't play for each other - and then cites players blaming and yelling at each other. I don't know what team he's watching, but it's certainly not this Galaxy team. There's been none of that. These players support each other and the coach.

I seem to remember the first game of the year in their house we battled to a 0-0 game - and the Galaxy outplayed them and should have won, but it was the beginning of their woeful finishing. That's when we were healthy and had our players.

Yeah, we're having a bad run of it. And some of the talent on this team is poor and really shouldn't be here. And last night they did hang their heads after that ridiculous PK (happened outside the box). And it was a weary night for them, both mentally and physically. But if people would get a grip and be honest, that has not been typical of their play for the entire year. And this team is sticking together and playing for each other, and to imply otherwise gets my dander up.

Suffice to say, DeRo should have just said "I feel bad for Frank, they're having a rough go of it," and then kept his mouth shut.

FC Uptown said...

DeRo still working on that parking ticket issue of his, or was that "taken care of"? Any info would be great! LOL

Craig said...

"And some of the talent on this team is poor and really shouldn't be here."

Get a grip, it's not "some" of the talent, it's MOST of the talent.

I get sick of the fans buying into the utter BS that the FO spews. First it was "the schedule" (which they were a HUGE part of), then it was "injuries" (which shows the lack of depth) and now it's just bad luck/bad calls.

The Galaxy are the worst team in the MLS. Do whatever you wish with it, but understand that it's not like a bad break here or there and they are MLS contenders. This team lacks talent from the FO down to the waterboy. They only thing saving this team from utter disaster is the fact that the MLS doesn't have relegation.

The fans deserve better than a bunch of excuses. Serious heads have to roll in the offseason (from coaching, to the GM to crap like Peter V.).

It's the same willingness to buy into the FO crap that has local teams like the Lakers mired in years of mediocrity (the Lakers FO blamed injuries for their 2004-05 missed playoffs and their putird end in 2006-07). But in the end talent always rises to the top and as long as the fans accept this type of crap, teams like the Galaxy and Lakers will always come up short.

Jrodius said...

The song is Mel C "I Turn To You"

Anonymous said...

DeRo sure does have one goofy-ass Canadian-Guyanese accent, eh?