Monday, September 24, 2007

Light Beer Rankings

1. D.C. United (15-6-5). Have most points, scored most goals, have best goal-differential.
2. Chivas USA (14-6-5). Ran record against Eastern Conference foes to 8-2-3 with win over Kansas City.
3. Houston (13-7-6). Could do nothing to prevent Chivas from going into first place; Western Conference fate is out of their hands.
4. New England (13-6-7). Not once but twice blew a lead against New York.
5. Chicago (8-10-8). No team wants a part of Chicago come playoff time.
6. New York (11-10-5). Good job, Grandpa - Doe leads New York back against New England.
7. FC Dallas (12-10-4). Lots of talent but strangely mediocre.
8. Kansas City (10-10-6). Outplayed Chivas USA at Home Depot Center; a rarity this season. Still lost, though.
9. Columbus (7-9-10). Sigi's boys say "Don't give a playoff spot to Chicago just yet."
10. Colorado (7-11-8). Hardest team to figure out; with playoff spot in sight, Rapids lay an egg.
11. Real Salt Lake (5-13-8). Four points from two games; where was this production when it mattered?
12. Los Angeles (5-13-6). See above.
13. Toronto (5-14-6). New-and-improved scoreless streak now at 88 minutes.


Jonathan Geissler said...

Why Chi-Town so high???

Joel Aceves said...

Why isnt Sideline Views covering the Gay World Cup that just kicked off in Argentina?? I would like to see LB's ranking on those game.

L.B. said...

Chicago is, in my opinion, one of the best teams in the league. They need to learn how to play with a lead but otherwise they have come a long way in a short amount of time.

They're just like Chivas; I had Chivas high for most of the season but others have only recently gotten behind them. I think Chicago will prove me right as well. (fingers crossed)

JT (Chicago) said...

LB, our Fire has a tough road to make the playoffs even thogh they gained the last spot two weeks ago.

Matches at Chivas, & DC, home to NE and LA (with nothing to lose) will be tough.

The four points lost this weekend were disappointing after carrying leads well into the late stages.

There are plenty of positives about the Fire: Osorio, Blanco, Conde, plus a healthy Chris Rolfe - finally. It remains to be seen if Osorio can pull them through the final four matches.

Then, as a reward, they'll probably face ChivasUSA - not good.

Had they gained all six point this past week, they could be facing DC or NE in the first round - a better chance of advancing, I think.

We shall see.