Monday, September 24, 2007


After the Galaxy's first 3-0 loss to Chivas USA, Joe Cannon was grumpy about the goal differential.
"If we'd lost by only one goal, we'd only have to tie the next match to win the SuperClassico," he pointed out.

After beating FC Dallas, 2-1, he brought up goal differential again. "We're no longer the last in the league. We've passed Toronto."

Joe was right, because although the Galaxy are tied on points, the goal differential puts them above Toronto.

"It's the first time this year that we've come from behind to win," Joe also noted.

In contrast, Frank Yallop had a harder time with the Galaxy's history. "I can't tell you the last league game we won." (That would be versus Colorado, 3-0, Frank)

Luis and I joked that Joe has to think about something while the play is on the other end of the field, so that's probably when he reviews the league standings in his head and figures out different scenarios for the points they gain or lose that night.

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