Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Airport arrival

When Mexican soccer fans that I run into find out that I'm a soccer writer, two questions are commonly asked of me:

- How can I meet Memo Ochoa?
- How can I meet Cuauhtemoc Blanco?

I can't help you on the first one, at least not yet.

But the second one, well, here goes:

Blanco's set to arrive along with his Chicago Fire teammates at LAX on Thursday at 5:30 p.m. on American Airlines flight 55, a nonstop from O'Hare to Los Angeles International.

I guess the last time this happened was in June when I participated in a career day event at a local elementary school (I must admit, my presentation was cooler than the mortgage broker's). I showed a picture I took next to some baby-faced, curly-haired soccer player and it drew some ooooohs and aaaahs. Then the questions began.

Incidentally, I also showed a picture of Landon Donovan to the students. Many of the non-Mexican students did not know who he was, but all the Mexican kids did.


A.C. said...

Hey, I took that picture! The one with Landon, that is. And Memo rocks. He's a cutie and always really nice to the press.

L.B. said...

Actually, you snapped the picture with Memo too :)

A.C. said...

I did, didn't I. Damn cuties. Distracting.

JT (Chicago) said...

During the Gold Cup, I read a quote from Memo saying that he would consider playing in LA at some point because of all the beautiful women ... you made an impression AC!

JT (Chicago) said...

Not fair LB!
Flight information?
What are you going to do next, give out the hotel so fans can keep the Fire awake all night?

Any advantage for your ChivasUSA, eh?

A.C. said...

Actually, Luis Arroyave got that quote from Memo: ("I would consider playing in the United States one day. I like American girls") while the Mexican team was in Chicago, so some local Chicago cuties could have been the incentive.

Jaime Cárdenas said...

There you go, promoting Mexican on Galaxy violence once again. Just kidding. That was a very funny anecdote.

JT (Chicago) said...

It was Arroyave's article but don't be modest AC. He loves LA.

"Guillermo Ochoa: Of course. There are a lot of Mexicans here. The quality of life is good, the money is good, and there's a good future here for your family. I like Los Angeles the most. I like the American girls there. Does Miami have a team?"