Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Blanco effect

Ugh. MLS needs to mandate Blanco post-game conferences. The locker room turns into a total scrum around him. I didn't even try to get my recorder in there. Cuauh speaks very softly, too, so that just makes it harder to try to get any quotes.

I did try to interview Wilman Conde, though. He kept saying, "Just a minute." Then he'd sit and talk to the equipment guys. I finally gave up because so many players were leaving while I was waiting. All the other Fire players I talked to were nice, though. Chris Rolfe, Gonzalo Segares, Chris Armas and especially CJ Brown. I don't think I'd interviewed him before, actually.

Despite CJ's tough guy rep, he was very patient with a lot of questions and gave thoughtful answers and observations about how things had changed since Blanco's arrival, on how players had adjusted to their new coach, Osorio, and how it affected the team to give up so many late goals.

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