Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Nigeria U.S.

1- Carli Lloyd to Lori Chalupny in the first minute - GOAL. Nice start for the U.S.

I actually missed the goal - just caught it on replay now.

30 - Ha, Tony DiCicco is talking about what I was thinking. It's possible that the early goal has deflated the U.S. slightly. They've been stuck in second gear since, but Nigeria is pushing hard to create something.

34 - The U.S. would face Germany if it finished second in the group. If this result, plus the other one holds (NK is tied) the U.S. finishes first.

36 - The announcing crew is saying what a travesty is would be if the U.S. and Germany met as early in the quarters. Hmm. I'm not sure it wouldn't be worse for NK and Germany to meet. Those two are both great teams. It seems unfair the elimination matches would come down to one of those so early.

40 - Chalupny with some good work on the right - sends a cross in, but Lilly can't head it into goal. She hasn't really gotten hot this World Cup yet.

42 - Wow, should have been a goal. Nice work by the U.S. to build up the play, but Wambach heads right at Precious Dede.

Fell asleep. What a killer schedule this China World Cup is. I hope fans are coping better than I am.

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JT (Chicago) said...

In the end, ESPN got what it wanted for the quarterfinals. The USA v England - Abby v Kelly. Let the hype begin.

The USA has yet to produce a performance that lives up to the marketing campaign. Good team (with a tremendous player) no doubt but can this team be great?

If Wambach is injured will Faye White be able to contain her as she did with Birgit Prinz?

If so, will Kelly Smith be able to run at US defenders and find somebody who'll finish for England?

Should be interesting and maybe a bit scary for USA fans.