Friday, September 21, 2007

Reader response

I just read your prediction for the Brazil-Matildas quarter-final on the ESPN website. I think you misrepresent the Matildas: “A respectable effort against Brazil is probably all the scrappy Matildas are looking for.” What a load of nonsense!!

The Matildas have a new-found self-belief and will be going for a win (just like they deserved against Norway and Canada!!) and will certainly not be playing for an honourable defeat. And yes they may have been scrappy in the second half of the Canada game, but in the first 2 and a half games they have shown their skill and speed and have been a pleasure to watch. Scrappy? … bollocks!!

Cheers and Go the Matildas!!

You’re kidding, right? Did you happen to notice who Brazil played in group play? I’m not saying that Brazil isn’t a team to be reckoned with, but come on. Your article wasn’t bad, but Brazil doesn’t quite deserve the merit that the title of your article presents just yet. What happened to Brazil when they played Denmark? China is overrated and playing at home. New Zealand?

KRISTEN Lilly? You need better editors if they don't know the player who has appeared in more international games than anyone in history.

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A.C. said...

I wish I could blame the last mistake on editors, but I think it was my typo in the first place, and then the copy editors missed it. Of course I know how to spell Kristine, but when you're typing quickly, those things happen.