Monday, September 17, 2007

Becks to NZ

David Beckham and the Galaxy will play a friendly against the Wellington Phoenix in December. That's Wellington, New Zealand. The match will be part of the Galaxy's trip down under.

Not that his schedule was overloaded already.

The Galaxy had already scheduled a trip down to Australia to play Sydney FC so they might as well take advantage and play another game. It's not like they'll be participating in the MLS playoffs anyway.


Anonymous said...

This just makes that whole arguement about not wanting Becks to go on loan to an EPL team, so that he will be well rested next season that more stupid. I mean just go ahead an say that you don't want him to go on loan b/c you want him to go on a globetrotting tour to fill your own pockets.

A.C. said...

Technically, a loan could make a club money, too. The club that Becks would be loaned to would be picking up his salary for the duration. So the Galaxy are actually turning away money by refusing a loan.

Anonymous said...

AC, dont' think I wrote that post without considering your point. Its is true a team can make money off of loaning a player and a EPL team would pay plenty for Beckham. But the Galaxy are interested in having Bechham selling the brand of LA Galaxy. Thats whats makes their comaplaints about the schedule so shady. Because they were willing to allow the schedule to be what it is so they could max selling brand Beckham/Galaxy.

There is little value from touring after the league season as far as player chemistry is concern. The team is surpose to be tired and needs rest. Beckham should be just recovering from his injuries. But just weeks after a long season they want to send their team half way across the world for a tour? You got to think that the Galaxy believe that they can make much more money in the long term, selling Beckham on off-season tours then on a loan. We're talking money from games, mechandise sells, television fees, and appeareance fees. You don't pay a guy $250Million unless you have configured various ways to make WAY more money then loaning him out can get you. I figure the Galaxy believe they can make somewhere b/w double to triple what they are paying Beckham an thats not going to come from loaning him out. Just wait for the pre-season tour!

A.C. said...

I actually think the Galaxy ahve a valid point about needing to build team cohesion. They certainly haven't done it this season. If Beckham is recovering from injuries, it also seems a safer bet to improve form by going to play exhibitions rather than go on loan to a competitive team.

diane said...

Beckham's always said he would never play in the EPL against ManU, he turned down all EPL offers for that reason, and so far in his career he's been pretty set once he says something. (On the other hand the only thing I might venture to say "never" about in football is Jamie Carragher going TO ManU).

I thought the question at this point is whether Beckham should train with an EPL team (Arsenal is the rumor) for a couple of months during the off season. An idea I like a lot. As much as he needed the time off to heal, the downside is that even with the exhibition matches he'll have had very little competitive play or team practice for almost nine months by the time the Galaxy starts training again. Some extra pre-season work with a team like Arsenal would hasten match fitness. It would also keep him in the public eye in a positive light (nasty public opinion clearly abhors a vacuum). Both of these would be good things for the Galaxy.

It's been said that his sponsors want him in the US during that period, but I can't believe that Beckham's value to them wouldn't be increased for the same reasons.

As for an EPL loan I certainly don't think a few weeks of practice and a couple of exhibition games would see Beckham anywhere near fit to produce at that level after such a long layoff. Otherwise it would be a handy way to change the US newcomers perspective from Beckham bandaged on the bench to Beckham the competitive player, and restart his MLS career an a more positive footing (couldn't resist).

Anonymous said...

AC, Your point is valid for a pre-season tour not a post-season tour. Though it would be smart to keep a large group of players together for next season. I don't believe this current group should stay together. With such a pour defense, a weak supporting cast, and non-existent bench, its clear many will need to be shipped out. With that in mind there is little value in building team chemistry from a post-season tour, especially players will be trying to recover from all the injuries they had during the season.

On another note, maybe the Galaxy should fcous on better scouting and not these exhibition tours they seem so fixed on.

L.B. said...

I don't think the Galaxy should have scheduled this trip at all. Regardless of the circumstances - whether they were a playoff team or not - this kind of tour benefits no one. Post-season games like this are simply games and have little affect on next year's squad.

Even if the team plans on bringing back most of the players, whatever chemistry is built up will be lost when they come back and take their three or five or seven or whatever weeks off.

Best-cast scenario, the Galaxy goes down there and wins every game 3-0. But then what? Then the team comes home and whatever good feelings that brings disappear over the long offseason.

This tour is just a chance to market the brand in person overseas. And I guess if they can come away with some fans and expose New Zealanders and Aussies to the Galaxy and some extra cash, more power to the Galaxy.

FC Uptown said...

It's about selling the shirts, no? Beckham is used to round the world trips with Real and seems to enjoy them - knowing he gets a cut of shirt sales and part of the travel is working with youngsters (potential Beckham Academy Down Under?). This game isn't the problem. The problem is Lalas - and he is running out of AEG teams to destroy unless he gets sent to Houston.

JT (Chicago) said...

What if ...
Beckham doesn't recover in time to play in Australia and NZ?

Will the hosts still want the Galaxy down there? Will fans turn up for the friendly?

So who's going to write the book on how the Galaxy mismanaged "Beckham Year One"?

diane said...

YIKES. Just read a bunch of today's soccer headlines. Nothing is worth how much this tour furthers the image of a Beckham-for-rent sideshow and both he and the Galaxy as a joke. The majority of headlines refer to it as Beckham netting another whatever $$$ for Wellington trip without mention of Galaxy or the words exhibition match. It's yet more brand, and player image, destruction not brand building.

Until Beckham has reminded people of what he does on the pitch, and the Galaxy can play again, the appearance will remain of an empty brand being marketed for huge sums and fans being ripped off.

There's no gain from a sporting perspective and, at this point, just one more demeaning situation for all the other players along with Beckham.

FC Uptown said...

All the contracts certainly include a "Beckham clause" which means he has to come and play. If he's hurt, the games will surely be called off. Diane, I have to disagree w you. Beckham rocked in the games he played but got injured. It happens. The Galaxy aren't shoving Becks down Australia and NZ throats either - those countries wanted the Galaxy to come specifically to see Beckham. If Beckham wants to come, and they want to see him, what is the problem?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Lalas,

If my club team coughs up enough money can we get a game with beckham and his team? We have a car wash this weekend in Glendale.

weekend soccer player

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