Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Exultant

From my Inbox:


What a team to watch!
How can you expect to beat Brazil on set plays, or just by lifting the ball in the Brazilian defense area for 90 minutes! Brazil proved today who is the best, not only by this powerful 4X0 result, but with flair, determination to win and unique class! Joga Bonito Style!
I just feel horrible about keeping Solo off the game, I still do not think she could have done anything to stop Brazil from winning, but coach Greg Ryan displayed fear and lack of character about the game when he said that "the Brazilian team plays dirty and is too violent", you could see on his interviews prior to the game, that his main concern about playing Brazil was simple. How do I stop Brazil? ... and he attempted several times to shift the attention away from his team, but how badly he failed! Besides, you can not stop Brazil! You can maybe slow them down, but you can not simply stop them, they are too talented as a team. I hope coach Ryan learns the importance about being humble, keeping his team together (without making such drastic last minute changes on a winning team, while demoralizing and changing the chemistry among his own players) and finnaly, the fact that games such as today's, are won on the field and not in conference rooms!
Today, nobody in this planet could have stopped Magic Marta and her determined-to-win Brazilian class act team, but the US today, looked like a team so desorganized and simple minded on the field that, Brazil was just too good to handle.

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