Monday, September 17, 2007

Head-scratchingly bad

There was a questionable penalty kick in Sunday's Houston-Galaxy game. Personally, I didn't think it was a penalty kick; at best it should have been a free kick outside the area.

Still, as bad as that call was, it's got nothing on this one. It happened during a Turkey-Hungary Euro 2008 qualifier.


A.C. said...

Yeah, a lot of us in the press box were, "Um, he grabbed him outside the box."

But Brian Mullan was very canny to keep moving inside the box and and then take a fall. That's clever.

The mantra is always "Good teams will overcome bad calls" but the Galaxy are too freaking tired to do that. They looked devastated after the penalty call. Randolph, who has been a bright spot for them on the whole, was crushed.

Speaking of penalty kicks, Luis also observed that it looked like a foul in the box on Kyle Martino a little later in the game, but that refs are playing him very tough on foul calls because it seems he has a reputation. Some may think that kind of tough love is fair. Personally, I just wish the refs would call fouls that they actually see, not project about who might be fooling them based on past experience.

Jonathan Geissler said...

DeRo was on my fantasy team so I don't mind.

did he (in the Euro Qualifiers) even score the goal? The video doesn't show it.

L.B. said...

In the Turkey-Hungary game, it was 0-0 when the Hungarian was sent off. Turkey scored three goals from that point on and won 3-0.

Anonymous said...

People here in Hungary are still fuming over that call. Even though there was little hope of Hungary qualifying for the Euro tourney, they have had some good results lately that they could've built off for WC '10.