Monday, September 17, 2007

Lively Ballroom Rankings

1. D.C. United (15-6-4). In line to claim Supporters Shield, home-field throughout playoffs.
2. Chivas USA (13-6-5). Will pass up Houston for good next weekend.
3. Houston (13-7-6). For now, Dynamo only Western team to secure playoff spot.
4. New England (13-6-6). Revs' dismantling of FC Dallas precursor to USOC final?
5. New York (11-10-4). Kings of inconsistency.
6. Chicago (8-10-6). Blanco scores goal, sets up another in thrilling draw.
7. FC Dallas (12-9-3). Pescadito's finishing lone bright spot in otherwise forgettable performance.
8. Kansas City (10-9-6). Two stoppage-time goals changed fortunes of two clubs.
9. Colorado (7-10-8). Doing just enough to stay in playoff race.
10. Columbus (6-9-10). That was your season, Crew.
11. Real Salt Lake (4-12-7). Man down, road point. Could have been worse.
12. Toronto FC (5-13-6). Whatever the global scoreless record is, TFC will challenge for it.
13. Los Angeles (4-13-5). Frank Yallop assesses Galaxy defense: Our confidence level is piss poor, especially at the back. Anytime anyone attacks us, it seems like we're shitting ourselves.

EDIT: Spent the morning looking at Euro records and had NY's record wrong.


diane said...

It's hard to imagine the Galaxy winning after basically announcing to all and sundry that they are too tired, demoralized, timid, whatever to compete. Its like laying your throat open to the wolves. I'm not complaining about the team and coach's candor, I appreciate that. But if its not followed by some kind of recovery it becomes a pre-admission of defeat. Whether or not the play-offs are even mathematically possible that team has to win for their own pride and for the fans.

JT (Chicago) said...

Big week for the Fire.
Travel to Dallas where they'll have to show that they merit your ranking ahead of the ol' Burn.

Then a home match against the top team in the league. Just hope DC will rest some players prior to their Copa Sudamericana match against the real Chivas on Wednesday night.

Kev said...

Maybe this is nit-picking a bit, but why are New York the kings of the draws? They have only three draws, as compared to last year, where every single game ended in a draw. Maybe they are kings of the draws because this year they have so few? I don't understand. Plus you got their record wrong - it's 11 wins, 10 losses, 4 draws.