Thursday, September 27, 2007

Any life left?

The Galaxy beat Kansas City 1-0 on Thursday and suddenly the club is not as terrible as they'd been. Two consecutive wins will do that to teams. Six points in a span of five days will also help the club leap in the table.

Now, the Galaxy has 24 points with five games remaining. There are four playoff spots left open. New York and Dallas are all but in, so here are the rest of the teams in the race, how many games they've played and their total points:

Kansas City 27-36
Chicago 26-32
Columbus 26-31
Colorado 26-29
Los Angeles 25-24
Toronto 25-21

The Galaxy has games at Columbus, at Houston, Toronto, New York and at Chicago remaining, not exactly a slate of easy games. Three road games left on the docket will be hard, given that Thursday's win was their first away from Home Depot Center this year.

However, this is a club that has finished strong the last two seasons. Their record last year down the stretch was very good. And momentum could be on the Galaxy's side here, now with two straight wins and seven points from their last three games.

Do the Galaxy have enough left in the tank to get to the playoffs? Is there reason for Galaxy fans to hope? Or does it not matter because this falls in the way-too-little, way-too-late category?


A.C. said...

The Galaxy team has shrugged off a couple of monkeys in both of their most recent games. They won a game after falling behind for the first time, and they won on the road.

Still - I'll believe a Galaxy rally is real when they win a game of 11 a side the whole match.

It's better than losing to Columbus while a man up, though.

Anonymous said...

As a Galaxy fan I don't believe we deserve to be in the playoffs, so a part of me hopes we don't get in for the integrity of the league and playoff system. If we somehow get in, I'll take it. Honestly, I think Chicago deserves the last playoff spot the most.

Anonymous said...

It's nice the finally win games now even on the road but I guess it's a little to late - if they win their game in hand it's gonna be at least 5 pts behind a playoff spot with 4 games (12 pts) to go

it's not impossible, but unlikely.


glen said...

it's just nice to see them win some games and hopefully end their season on a high note and beat a couple of the teams that are in. realistically they won't make it in to the playoffs, but if they should, I'll take it!

Sean said...

I have a hard time believing they can make a go of it, really. I can't see Chicago folding down the stretch - they've looked strong enough to win games. These ties are dropped points to them, which tells me that they're going to keep piling up points.

If the Galaxy can go on an insane streak - say, 13 out of the final 15 points (4-1-0) - that gives them 37 points. The Wizards have 36 right now, the Fire 32.

Can the Wizards put up a donut over their final three games? Hosting DC United without suspended Jimmy Conrad and Davy Arnaud? On the road against New York and Dallas? Sure, they could gag up a playoff spot.

I'd like to see it. It'd be a great story - Beckham returning to a suddenly red-hot team, all that. It'd get coverage. If they can get six points from Columbus and Houston, it'll look a lot more doable.

Anonymous said...

Only way the Galaxy makes the playoffs is if the win theie next 5 and Columbus, KC, Colorado and Chicago all crash and burn badly. I don't believe either is likely to happen. Any team probably needs 38-39 pts to get that last playoff spot.

Eric PZ said...

memories of 2005. :)

Honestly, LA have never had the chance to settle down and find themselves this season. Now that everything is in place (except an injured midfielder and defender) they are looking better.

Anonymous said...

if they beat columbus this weekend i'd say they've got a decent shot.

if they draw columbus they're still in it.

anything else and it's over.

Anonymous said...

The next 3 games are key...

If we get a 1-1-1 record from them, we'll be in a prime position for the post-season.

Yes, we'll need 2 wins from the last 2...


a) The team will have finally found some form, some chemistry and some confidence, and

b) We'll be able to field a full squad for the first time this season since it's very likely we'll recover Beckham, Xavier and Albright.

Just look at what a difference bringing Jazic in and playing Mike Randolph in midfield made.

Do you believe in miracles?

Gene said...

Frankly, with the group they have, I find it frightening they could even with a game, let alone think about makign the playoffs. But hey, I guess the scoreboard speaks for itself.

Mathematically, they are certainly in it. If they do make it, however, I think it would be a further indication that the current season format is a joke and that they need to go to single table.