Sunday, September 23, 2007

All-Time Ante

I remember Luis and I recently debating the all-time MLS goals scored mark by Jaime Moreno. Luis pointed out that at the torrid pace Taylor Twellman has been on, he should eclipse the mark rather easily.

I argued that Ante Razov was being overlooked as a contender to overtake Jaime's record in this season alone.

After scoring two goals versus Kansas City, Ante is only one behind Jaime.


Anonymous said...

Anyone know how many of Ante's goals are PK's. Last I heard nearly a third of Moreno's were (33 PK's) I think. Not that it matters in the record books, but more reflective of what a guy can do during the run of play instead of hitting a stationary ball.

EdTheRed said...

Well, two behind now. ;-D

If he plays another season with Chivas, Ante should catch Jaime and hold the record for a year or two before Twellman passes him by.

My Opinion Over Yours said...

After a quick check of the record books...

Ante only has 13 PK's to his name. But I'm not sure anything can be made from that disparity given the fact that Moreno has around 30 more assists than Ante.

Moreno's record 33PK's will no doubt stand much longer than his, or Ante's eventual, hold on the all time goals scored record.

Although it would be asking a lot, Ante does have a chance to be the first ever MLS player to have 1000 shots to his name.

JT (Chicago) said...

If he finished the bucket of chances he always sent wide when he played for Chicago. He'd be ahead by 25.

Ante was always in the rught place but he'd usually miss 4 and score 1. Good guy though. Hope he holds the record for a bit.