Monday, September 24, 2007

Voted begrudgingly

Okay, so I voted for the Galaxy's MVP and Defender of the Year. I honestly didn't want to because what's the point? They're one of the worst teams in the league. Picking an MVP and especially the top defender was like picking who had done the least amount of damage.

First of all, thanks to everyone who chimed in with their suggestions. I tried to take as much of that into account as possible.

For the MVP, I voted for Landon Donovan first, Chris Klein second and Cobi Jones third. Donovan has been productive and played a big role in three of the Galaxy's five wins - though he was with the USMNT for two wins as well. Klein has been a gamer and a solid contributor since his arrival, though I do still feel that was not a trade the Galaxy should have made. I think they would have benefited more from having a productive Robbie Findley and a versatile Nathan Sturgis around, but that's neither here nor there. Cobi's been effective and also a gamer this year.

I ruled out Joe Cannon because I feel he's had too many poor performances. Yes, he's had some great games as well but the negatives far outweigh the positives this year. And besides, I just have a hard time honoring the goalkeeper of a team that is at minus-13 goal differential for the season and has allowed a league-worst 43 goals.

For that matter, the defender of the year was also a hard choice. I voted for Abel Xavier. Why? He was the last one standing. I ruled out Cannon for the aforementioned reasons. Troy Roberts and Kyle Veris haven't played enough to merit consideration, and neither has Chris Albright. Ante Jazic was sporadic in his own playing time and contributions as well while Quavas Kirk hasnt' done much either. I wasn't going to vote for Ty Harden for anything. I didn't vote for Chris Klein - although I suppose I could have - because although he has played a lot of time at right back his contributions have been for his offense and leadership, not so much his stellar play on the backline. Mike Randolph has done okay but okay doesn't merit consideration for awards.

Xavier was the last man standing. I only voted for him and didn't include a second or third choice.

I actually thought of 2005 when there were options to choose from. That year, I voted for Herculez Gomez for MVP and Todd Dunivant for defender of the year, though I think Landon and Tyrone Marshall won. Not certain, though.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Herculez won MPV in 2005. Don't know about defender of the year that year, though.

Donovan won MVP in 2006.

Kinney said...

You should have voted for Chris Albright. He has acquitted himself the best this year out of all the LA defenders.