Friday, September 28, 2007

All Saints day

Near the midway point of the Clausura 2007 season, Santos was the worst team in Mexico and on the verge of relegation.

Now, the club is the best team in Mexico hands down. Sure, the playoffs are far away and a lot can change from now to then, but for Santos to even be anywhere near the top of the heap, let alone the superlider, speaks well of the organization.

I thought this statistic was pretty telling. The four semifinalists from the Clausura 2007 season were Pachuca, America, Cruz Azul and Chivas. Check out the scores those teams had against Santos this season:

Santos 2, Cruz Azul 0
Santos 1, Pachuca 0
Santos 2, Chivas 1
Santos 4, America 0

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East River said...

Off topic but how many goals has Alain Nkong scored for Atlantic? I saw him score a goal in some highlights on last Sunday's Republica Deportiva and wondered how well the ex-Rapids guy was doing.