Thursday, September 6, 2007

Lalas on San Jose

I asked Alexi Lalas if he thought the expansion of SJ would have a big affect on the current rosters of MLS teams, in terms of diluting the talent pool.

"It remains to be seen what the rules are going to be for this expansion and how they’re going to go about stocking their team. In the past they’ve been a very organic type of team in terms of the players that they’ve gotten. I don’t know if they’re going to continue to do that or if they’re going to look outside of the league. I don’t know what’s going to happen. But they’re going to want to get back to the level that San Jose was very quickly. It’s certainly not going to be easy, because most of those guys are in Houston."


FC Uptown said...

Lalas on Fox Football Fone-In was quality theater the other day. Lalas did say something interesting (paraphrasing) "We want players who are going to relish the experience of playing in this situation, rise to the the end of this year we will look at who was successful this year." I wonder if he can pleased with himself though? The schedule, playing time, team constructed, coach hired, moves to adjust the team mid-season...all things he had a hand in. He must give himself negative marks.

Michael said...

I still don't understand why you don't ask Lalas face to face to justify to the Galaxy fans why he should still be GM of the Galaxy after back to back horror seasons.

Why he can stand there and talk about SJ without being asked that question to his face makes no sense.

He's in a results business.

Again I ask you to ask him to justify why he deserves his job.

A.C. said...

I'm not a soundpiece for fan gripes - Lalas often answers email from fans. Look up his email if you want to know the answer to that specific question.

To me, it's fairly obvious that Lalas has his job still because AEG wishes it so. "Deserves" is irrelevant.

Michael said...


Look in any paper covering any major sport and you see constant speculation about the job status of GMs that aren't getting the job done.

Two horrible seasons in charge make it a legitimate question. You have the access we don't. I think you have a responsibility to the fans.

You should ask the questions that we can't.

Otherwise it looks like you are you afraid it'll have negative consequences to your ability to cover the galaxy if you offend him.

A.C. said...

Questions the fans can't? You could email Lalas. Or you could do what the fans that called into Fox Football Phone-in this past Tuesday did - ask themselves. He answered their questions there. They were pretty upset and they let him know about it.

Insinuating stuff about me isn't going to incline me to be your mouthpiece. That's not what I consider my job to be, by the way.

FC Uptown said...

What is AEG - Tim Leiweke esp. - thinking with regards to Lalas? Somebody will be paying for this year - somebody will be fired, either Yallop or Lalas or both. AEG will not fire anyone without a replacement(s) ready, so it would be interesting to know what replacements AEG is considering. Who are they talking to? Klinsi is one, but there must be others...

Michael said...

Lalas doesn't respond to e-mails that he doesn't want to. The Fox show was heavily screened. Anyone who had a critical call to Lalas was screened. The ones that got through lied about what they were going to ask.

That is why your role and your access is important.

By the way, I really like your writing.

A.C. said...

So you've tried to email him? I don't know about Fox's screening policies, but I have a hard time believing Cohen or Webster, if they're anything like they are when I meet them in the pressbox, would go out of their way to go easy on Lalas.

Michael said...

I have.

And believe me, they weren't interested in people calling in to complain about Lalas.

Read the pbp thread on the LA forum at Bigsoccer, there is some comments related to that.