Friday, September 7, 2007

Beast from East

Ah, D.C.

Ah, D.C. fans.

They're, well, pretty dedicated.

I was pinch-hitting for Danny Bueno and covering the road team for the game last night, so that meant a couple of DC stories.

Anyway, with a few leftover quotes, I thought I'd toss them in here and see if the DC faithful could figure out who said what.

"We need to bring more concentration to our next match, so what happened tonight doesn’t happen again. We’ve got to improve that."

"Unfortunately, mistakes happen. They capitalized on it."

"They seemed to get a lot of life out of that goal."

"I hit it – I’ll have to watch it on the replay."


EdTheRed said...

Well let's see...this is tougher than usual, because these could be Gomez or Emilio quotes that you got in Spanish and then translated. Gomez usually doesn't say much, though.

The most interviewed guys on the team are usually Bobby Boswell(dot)com and Benny Olsen, so the odds are that at least one of those quotes is from one of those guys.

I'm gonna go with:
1) Boswell (could be Vanney, though) - it's the sort of thing a guy responsible for organizing a back line would say.

2) Perkins (could be Soehn) - it's the sort of thing a keeper trying to move on from an embarrassing gaffe would say.

3) Benny (because you can't get out of the locker room without interviewing him)

4) Emilio - has to be either him or Perkins...Perkins is the obvious choice, so I guess I'll go with Luciano, just for the heck of it.

Decent game overall, btw. Chivas got a break on their first goal, but DC got one on their second (El Guzano doesn't usually spill that rebound, though it *was* a hard shot). DC started out the game playing the sort of positive soccer you hope to see more of from road teams in MLS, and Chivas responded with a lot of nice pressure of their own.

Second half was a bit scrappy, especially after DC packed it in and decided it was better to get out of town with a tie than make yet another mistake and blow all three points. Oh, and that blown offsides call was pretty bad, but that's MLS reffing for you, and what goes around comes around, so I guess karmically Chivas now has one in the bank.

Taking 4 points from games at Dallas and at Chivas (with 6 goals for and 2 against) makes this a successful road trip (in my eyes, at least).

A.C. said...

Great analysis and deductive reasoning. Right after the game, I was complaining to Luis about DC's defensive stance, but by the time we got downstairs to interview players, I'd changed my mind.

"Heck, that's what smart teams do," I told him. "It wasn't always pretty, but D.C. stopped the bleeding against an inspired team. They kept their cool in the end and got out with something."

I also thought Kljestan had a great game and should have gotten Man od the Match. He's stepped up his game and was all over the place for Chivas.

What's funny about your logic on the guess is that it does encapsulate some of my thinking when I went in to do the interviews. However, I did say "leftover" and I linked to two stories I wrote. Obviously, I had to talk to Perkins, and then there was another player who was a clear choice, so I waited to interview him. Meanwhile, I saw Bobby sitting there and I thought, "Hmm, the guy with the website, it's bit cliched to interview him, but he was key to some of that desperate defending towards the end. Plus, he's a good quote." After that I saw a crowd of reporters around Ben Olsen and I considered going there, but decided, "Nope, can't do that, both Bobby and Benny in one story means I'm being lazy and obvious, and it wasn't exactly a standout game for Olsen."

You're wrong on all your guesses, even with the incisive logic, but you're right on two of your "could be" secondary guesses.

As soon as I posted, I thought, "Wow, this guess is really hard. But these are DC fans - I'll bet they figure it out."

Good on you for trying and coming close in some ways. Hopefully the additional clues help you or another DCer to finish off the job.

Rocko said...

"I hit it – I’ll have to watch it on the replay."
-----I am going with Cylde Simms on this one, it was his foot that the second Chivas goal came off of.

A.C. said...

Nope, Clyde might have said something about "It hit me. . ." but I didn't even talk to him.

nutmegger said...

Let's see... this looks like fun. Even for an RBNY fan:

1 - Vanney. Same reasoning EdtheRed gave.
2 - Soehn. (Thanks Goff!)
3 - Boswell.
4 - Perkins. On his gift to Razov.

Thanks for sharing!

A.C. said...

Wow, that's interesting - an NYRB fans gets three out of four of the DC players right.

One quote unaccounted for, though.