Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Talley marks

I had the chance to catch up with Carey Talley recently. I wanted to talk to him about joining Chivas USA and how he felt about being dealt away.

But I also wanted to tell him that I remember an awesome goal he scored a while back. I went to the CONCACAF Champions Cup matches held in Fullerton, Calif., in early 2001 as a fan. I remember watching the DC United-Alajuelense match which United ended up winning late. Carey Talley had a cracker of a goal and for some reason it stuck.

He paused for a moment before apparently recalling his strike against Alajuelense. I told him that I didn't remember too many Carey Talley goals but that one I did.

Then he told me that surely I remembered his goal against Chivas USA two years ago. Then I was the one pausing and I did remember him scoring an amazing goal against Chivas USA in 2006, in a crazy 3-3 draw.

Not sure Chivas got him for his penchant for scoring long-range bombs but he should help the club once he overcomes his quad injury.

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