Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bravo's new world

Looks like Omar Bravo is headed off for greener pastures. Bravo appears close to a deal with Deportivo La Coruna, where he would reunite with fellow countryman Andres Guardado.

I guess this would put to rest those ridiculous rumors about Omar Bravo joining Chivas USA. Bravo was never going to come here but so many held out hope that he would. Bravo's contract is up and he's not about to renew it so he could stay within the Chiva family. Spain is where he wanted to go all along and he's finally taking advantage of his freedom to move.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god, he's not coming!! Yawn.

Anonymous said...

bofo may very well come to chivas usa, and live out his last few remaining years as a flop.

omar was always going to be a long shot.

The Hammer said...

I hardly make bold predictions like the one I'm about to make but:

Bravo is going to be a tragic failure in Spain. He has been insignificant [at best] for Mexico in international games. If you analyze the Gold Cup final and games from Copa America where he came on as a sub, you can see Mexico's attack flatten. The opposition took one look at him and decided it was safe to march forward [and rightfully so].

He has excelled at exploiting the deficiencies of defenders in Mexican football, but he will be shut out in a bad way in Spain.

Anonymous said...

i agree with the hammer. he's a nice player to have in mexico and below average player at the international level.

Christian said...

I'd agree with ya hammer, if you knew what you were talking about. Bravo was never meant to be a striker or "9", he just so happened to end up there because he started scoring a lot of goals. When he goes to Europe he will most likely be used as a second striker or a winger which is what Westerhoff recommend him as.

I'm pretty sure everyone expects Bravo to fail and I will agree with you that he has been almost non-existant for the national team but as a fellow mexican I wish him success.


Texas John said...

I am always happy when a player from Mexico goes to Europe. Depor is the perfect place for Bravo, and I wish him well. As far as the Chivas player who joins the sister club in Carson: my prediction is Ramon Morales

Anonymous said...

Bravo is at least as good as Guille Franco. He will be fine. He's a poacher but his workrate is going to have increase, he obviously knows that.

Personally, I never really was amazed by him but I give the guy a lot of credit for seeking out new challenges. It would be so much easier for him to coast along and keep doing what he's doing and keep driving his BMW through the streets of Guadalajara, and have people calling him the #1 leading scorer in the history of Chivas.


Anonymous said...

bravo scores one, misses five. that won't work in europe. he'll be mls property, or back in mexico, sooner than most think.

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