Monday, May 19, 2008

No actual celebrities on field

If anyone caught the Open Cup news of Hollywood United qualifying, don't think that Anthony LaPaglia's going to be in goal. He's on the board of directors of Hollywood United, the organization, but he's not on this team. There's more than one squad under the HUFC umbrella. LaPaglia plays for the Over-40 team. It was the new first team (no celebrities there, unless one counts Matt Taylor, a favorite of Grahame Jones) that qualified to the Open Cup. From the HUFC website:

HUFC 1st team was formed in late summer 2007 out of the remnants of California soccer powerhouse Doxa Italia. The 1st team is comprised of former "A League" and MLS players as well as younger talented players who aspire to play professionally. They compete in the Coast Soccer League and play their home games at "The Village" in Manhattan Beach. In their first season together the 1st team has captured the Intl Cup of Iran tournament championship, The Los Angeles Galaxy Clasico IV tournament championship and 1st place in The Coast Soccer League.


papa bear said...

I'm sure this will be sacrilege to many, but if CUSA's attendence woes continue, they should seriously consider buying HUFC and rebranding under HUFC banner and moving the team to Hollywood (where there actually is land for a stadium believe it or not)I mean, it's pretty clear that there aren't enought Chivas d. G fans in LA willing to support the USA version and no fan of other FMF clubs are ever going to support them. I mean, it's a pretty sad indictment when Chicago outdraws CUSA in their own park. (granted, it was a ton of America fans but the fact remains...)

Always loved the name of HUFC and something about Los Angeles vs. Hollywood sounds cool. I could see HUFC being St. Pauli-esque for some reason. A real Kult Klub.

A boy can dream I guess.

lotto said...

I agree with you about these. Well someday Ill create a blog to compete you! lolz.