Monday, May 19, 2008

Lewd Blonde Rankings (May 19)

I could use one of those right about now...

1. Columbus (6-1-1). Road shutouts are hardly ever a bad thing.
2. Chicago (5-2-1). A chink in the defensive armor as Houston finds back of net twice.

3. New England (5-3-1). Rather efortless 2-0 win.
4. Toronto (3-2-2). Crowd support? Check. Defense? Check. Goals? Goals? Hello?
5. New York (3-1-3). Is Borman poor man's Jozy?
6. Colorado (4-4-0). Nice to see Herculez Gomez contribute for this inconsistent side.
7. Los Angeles (3-3-2). Buddle lives! Guess Alan Gordon's injury was a blessing in disguise.
8. Kansas City (3-3-2). Onalfo's kingdom for a goal from the run of play.
9. Houston (2-2-4). Rumors of their demise were premature after all.
10. FC Dallas (2-3-3). Reported internal problems threatening to derail season.
11. Chivas USA (2-4-2). Was that really Atiba Harris creating offense? Well, it couldn't have been Galindo/Alecko/Jonny/Law/Wicky since they're all hurt.
12. Real Salt Lake (2-4-2). Just when they have something positive to build on, they regress. Old habits die hard.
13. San Jose (1-5-1). By year's end, this team will have lost in every which way imaginable - at least they got Demoralizing Own Goal out of the way.
14. DC United (2-6-0). This team is anything but united right now.

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