Saturday, May 17, 2008

In the basement

No, not talking about DC United's place in the Easten Conference table, though they're at the bottom. I'm referring to goalkeeper Zach Wells, and the fact that he currently lives in Ben Olsen's basement.
My first thought, when I heard about that, was, "What about when it rains?" I used to visit cousins who lived back East. I'd read in the basement a lot because it was quiet, but I'd invariably get driven out by the water whenever it rained.
I asked Zach what was the best part about living on Ben's property.
"They just got done redoing the back deck," said Zach. "Hopefully I'll be enjoying some nice afternoons there after practice and maybe a few barbecues here and there. I'm lucky enough to get some residual use out of that."
Then I asked what was the worst part of the experience.
"If I'm being honest, the worst part right now is that it's flooding," said Zach.
"Ah, ha," I said. "I was wondering about the rain."
Zach nodded. "There's been lots of rain the past two weeks. We've been patching things up and trying to figure out where the water's getting in. Ben's been good throughout the whole process. We'll figure it out."

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