Friday, May 16, 2008

Chivas USA/DC presser

The suspense is building - but we've been served sandwiches, so I can stand the delay. Actually, it's supposed to start at 1:30.
Ok, now they're late. It's 1:50.
Brad Guzan and Paulo Nagamura are the players scheduled for CDCUSA. Jaime Moreno and Zach Wells are representing for DC.
I just asked Grahame Jones if there is a name for the DC/Chivas USA rivalry. "Copa de Losers?" Grahame responds. Ouch. But both teams are struggling.
Jaime is asked if it motivates him to play against other MLS originals, like Jesse Marsch. Jaime says his family is his main motivation, but he's happy to see other longtime players continuing.
Nagamura says his first Chivas USA match, which was against DC, was tough, and he expects another difficult match. About the team's difficult season, he says they can, "turn it over" when I think he means "turn around".
Zach Wells doesn't think that international competition derailed Houston and DC this season - he thinks injuries took a toll and now the team is striving for consistency.
Guzan says he is honored to be called in by Bob Bradley, but he's focused on Chivas USA's next match.
Paulo is asked if he feels more defensive pressure with injuries affecting so many players on the field. He answers that the team needs to cope with any situation.
Grahame asks Moreno about DC's struggles. Jaime talks too fast for me to get everything down, but here's the gist of what he said.
"The reason is simple, we're not playing well. We worked so hard in the preseason, and got to this point. the players have to do their job and unfortunately we haven't done our job. We're human, we make mistakes. We have to defend. We know we're going to score goals, but we have to defend as a team."
The presser is over. No signing announcement. It really was just a DC/CSUSA preview.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

FU Grahame Jones (aka LA Galaxy ass kisser).

We want Jaime Cardenas!!

A.C. said...

From what I've heard, Galaxy fans aren't fond of Grahame, so he's probably being nice and objective to both teams.

Rich21 said...

I'm not sure any MLS fan is very fond of Mr. Jones.

BTW, what was the purpose of the press conference? To tout a game that maybe 5000 people will attend?

L.B. said...

You're way off on your attendance guess. DC will have some support there. I'm guessing at least 5,100.

Rudy said...

So.... There was no point to the presser?

Rich21 said...

Out of curiosity, how many members of the media were in attendance?

L.B. said...

LB was not in the house. Usually though they get a decent turnout from the Spanish-language media.

lucky said...

I agree with you about these. Well someday Ill create a blog to compete you! lolz.