Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ha, ha, Jaime

I do not see players from the East Coast all that often, and subsequently, interviews with them tend to be straight-forward, since neither party involved is really comfortable enough to joke around. But DC United forward Jaime Moreno has been in the league long enough (since the beginning) that he won't hesitate to tease anyone. I asked him about Ben Olsen's injury and Jaime had me going for a second there.

Me: Do you talk to Ben? Do you think he'll make it back this year?

Jaime: Oh, I don't even talk to him. (He shrugs like Ben is dead to him).

Me: (startled, not sure how to take this information.) Er. . .

Jaime: (grins - gotcha!) Yeah, of course, we do talk. He's been fighting. He's a guy who doesn't give up easily. He's a lion for us. Hopefully we'll have him back soon.

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