Saturday, May 3, 2008

Awards, applause, anticipation

This week's poll question comes courtesy of Pat Shay, Chicago Fire fan extraordinaire, though he's now relocated to New York. I met Pat and his lovely wife Mary Theresa Archbold last night at the Los Angeles Comedy Fest, where they are performing their award-winning show, Jazz Hand: Tales of a One-Armed Woman.

Theatre digression: Their show is simply excellent. It's funny, touching and genuine. Mary and Pat have great energy and chemistry on stage, and they play off each other so well. My buddy Rachel laughed so hard, she was in tears (it's not a cliche if it actually happens - I think).
In a past life, I was a big theatre buff/geek/actor/director/playwright and the little details like Mary's grade in a class due to her lighting board issues, the distinction between the choreography of Jerome Robbins versus Bob Fosse and the eager determination of auditions are hilariously dead-on. LA folk, go check them out; they're only in town for one more performance - Sunday night at 7pm. Tell the ticket lady Andrea sent you (it won't result in any discount, but I've always wanted to say that). For the rest of you, check their website for upcoming appearances in other places.

Back to soccer: Post-show, Pat mentioned that he'd like, as a Fire fan, to see Blanco win an MLS championship before Beckham does. Granted, Blanco was the designated player who came the closest to that feat last year. It got me wondering if this would be the year for the DP champion, who would win that title, or would another non-DP squad take it all?

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