Saturday, May 3, 2008

Gifts that keep giving

On his birthday, Becks got a peek at concrete evidence of his influence in the U.S.


laurie said...

I saw the word "concrete" and assumed you were talking about the turf at Rice-Eccles.

And the second time I clicked on the link, it told me the article wasn't available but gave me comments on previous articles, such as this little gem:

"Poison Peanut Butter Balls - Shooting Innocent Cows and not even deer season. What is Utah coming to??

Ah, Utah.

A.C. said...

yeah, for some reason, both Singleton-owned papers, Salt Lake Tribune and the Daily News in LA, are having problems with their websites. Scott Wolf of the Daily News wrote a column on Landon Donovan's popularity, or lack thereof, with his peers. I can't link to that article now, either. Basically, a bunch of their current sports articles aren't appearing.

Dan Haug said...

Is the article you were talking about?

It seems like a pretty poor article. The headline implies that other players are not happy with LD, but there is no information in the article to support that. In addition it's factually incorrect in stating that LD did NOT get a YC for his intentional hand ball.

A.C. said...

Yep, dan, that's the article I meant - I guess the web issues got fixed.