Monday, March 3, 2008

Welcome to the league

Philadelphia might have a rich soccer tradition but the city itself is new to MLS. The league awarded Philadelphia a franchise that will begin play in 2010 and thus the city has two years to prepare for entry into America's top flight.

As with any new venture, the local media will take to acclimate itself to the inner-workings of MLS and soccer in general. Outside of a Manchester United-Barcelona game a few years back, Philadelphia is not a city generally used for soccer purposes as neither the US nor Mexico has played there in recent history.

This story gave a good overview of what the new Philadelphia MLS club may try to accomplish and what it might try to do in terms of aligning itself to a foreign club and where some of the fan base may come from. It's a pretty good read for Philly soccer fans who may not have followed the ins and outs of MLS or what other clubs have done off the field to get to where they are today.

Of course, we are reminded of how much more there is to learn about soccer by stories like these. The picture that accompanied the story was one of River Plate, and part of the caption read: "...Mexican teams are a big draw in U.S. cities with large Latin populations."


A.Ruiz said...

The full quote is:

"River Plate Argentina's Ariel Ortega (left) celebrates after scoring against Mexico's Americain Buenos Aires. Mexican teams are a big draw in U.S. cities with large Latin populations."

That's actually horrible copy editing. What the hell is an Americain Buenos Aires? I think they mean "America in Buenos Aires".

papa bear said...

yeah, except for the mistake in not separating 'America' from 'in' there is nothing wrong with the caption. I mean they do point out that it's River Plate in the picture.

Perhaps they caught wind of it after you wrote it though and changed it.

Nice article though. It's nice to see fewer "soccer is gay and no one likes it" hatchet jobs like we used to get 20 years ago