Monday, March 3, 2008

USWNT prepares for Algarve

Here's my latest piece on the women's squad.


Anonymous said...

Thanks. As always, an informative & good read.

Meredith said...

Great piece A.C.

Its good to see someone get in there and ask the important questions about the team development and the players adjustments to the new system. The USSF own coverage has been very poor. I don't care about players climbing orange trees, i care about what is going on with the play of the team.

Coach said...

Good Luck USWNT at the Algarve! It's been a long time between comments!

Wondering, what did the Canadian WNT do to the Soccer Gods to deserve Greg Ryan's presence?

BTW, I like reading about players climbing orange trees! lol Just wish the effort had produced a quality orange! :)