Monday, March 3, 2008

"They don't know how to score"

Mexico drew a large crowd to Oakland's McAfee Stadium as its Under-23 team played its fourth of five preparation matches ahead of next week's qualifying tournament.

That probably only served to frustrate more fans as Mexico tied Australia 1-1.

Mexico has one game left to fix some problems that could throw a wrench in its summer plans.
Mexico is struggling - the numbers don't lie. In four games, Mexico has scored three goals. One has come in the run of play, one was a penalty kick and the other (yesterday's) was an own goal. By all accounts, though, Mexico's only problems is its inability to score. Mexico has a win, a loss and two ties in those games, which ultimately may be good enough to get past the group stage and get into the semifinals.

Here's a brief roundup of some of the stories that ran in Mexican newspapers on the game, with some rough translation of the opening lines.


Hugo left irate

Hugo Sanchez, head coach of Mexico, was very upset after leaving McAfee Stadium, site of the draw against Australia.

"This was a simulation of what awaits for us in qualifying. You know that I don't like to tie. We tried to win but unfortunately it didn't happen. Everyone saw that the only thing missing for us was to take advantage of the opportunities that presented themselves.

They don't know how to score

Hugo Sanchez was Mexico's best-ever forward. In one of life's ironies, his team lacks forwards capable of finishing the chances the team creates.

Alert, Alert... the Under-23s have no punch

One and the ones remaining, but the reality is that this Sunday before an impressive capacity crowd in McAfee Stadium with 47,000 souls the Olympic qualifying team threatened with a superior scheme but could not culminate its efforts as it continues with wet gunpowder on the part of its artillery and finished with a 1-1 tie with Australia.

And in case you missed it, here's what I wrote for about the Under-23's struggles, two days before they laid an egg against Australia.

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