Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sweet little lies?

Steve Davis gets from the horse's mouth how Becks feels about L.A.


Joseph D'Hippolito said...

a.c., you must remember that Beckham's comments have nothing to do with the quality of Galaxy soccer. They have to do with how he and his family have been treated. Remember, he's away from the English and Spanish press, which (especially in England) have criticized him every milli-second (and still do, if you read World Soccer magazine). Also, he's away from nosy, obnoxious fans. Besides, after spending most of one's life in the UK, what Briton wouldn't like California's weather?

As far as Victoria's comments about eventually going back to England are concerned, England is home for the Beckhams -- in psychological and family terms. Sure California has a lot to offer but it could never be "home" for the Beckhams.

A.C. said...

Very true Joe. I was more disgusted with how a few tabloid rumors get changed into a column about how Becks is looking to leave now and get out of his Galaxy contract. That's a huge jump to make, and yet Celizic has no problem leaping.