Sunday, March 16, 2008

Grahame cracks

For all those who thought I was too snarky in my U.S./Honduras running blog, I refer you to the estimable Grahame Jones, who pulls no punches in his assessment.

Jones also gets Compean, Mexico's federation president, to admit that Hugo Sanchez might be at risk depending on today's outcome. I like how Compean is wry about the whole situation, though - he'd previously said that Hugo was Plan A, Plan B and Plan C.

Now he says there's room for a Plan X - and it could mean no Hugo.


Gabriel in Argentina said...

Whether you agree with him or not he does state what he sees. I am wondering if you and Luis could write something similar regarding the Mexican National Team or any Mexican team. Will Luis write something as strong regarding this team? Could you write a similar article with respect to Mexico? My guess is not but it would be interesting to see what you feel about it.

A.C. said...

Just because we don't write in Grahame's style doesn't mean we don't express our own opinions. Think about whether your bias here is affecting your perception of "strong". One person's "strong" is another's "too soft" Both Luis and I have criticized Mexico when they've played poorly. If you don't realize this, you havent' been paying attention for very long.

Gabriel in Argentina said...

AC..I just noticed a trend of certain language that is used when describing a US performance versus describing a Mexican performance. Actually, I do not notice it so much in you as I do with Luis. Luis writes a lot more about Mexico than you do. He may not even know he is doing it. However, in the future I will point to instances where there is an inconsistency in the writing. I have no problems with critiques, in fact I encourage them. I just want the critiques to be even handed. I am willing to see how you and Luis write in the future. However, I hope you do not mind if someone points out inconsistencies. If they are simple oversights I will understand. However, you may be surprised about what you reveal when you write.