Thursday, March 6, 2008

Portion of 250 mil

Remember the five-year, $250 million deal David Beckham allegedly signed? Well, that number was subsequently proven completely off base when his annual salary came out. It was more along the lines of five-year, $37 million.

But the remaining $213 million? Well, it's deals like these that will add to his wealth.

A lot of people sign with a Sharpie but not a lot of people actually sign with Sharpie.


michfan2123 said...


A.C. said...

I've seen that Sharpie commercial -Beckham's hands take a golf ball and draw a soccer pattern on it and then he hits it. Seems a bit of a waste not to show Beckham's face (perhaps signing for a child)and the golf part of the commercial has a slight geriatric implication, like he's retired.

But I don't think the Sharpie ad counts as part of his 250 million, frankly, because it's separate from his Galaxy contract. His Galaxy contract has a revenue share bit where he gets a chunk of jersey sales, and, it's rumored, a chunk of season ticket sales, tour ticket sales, and MLS events he participates in, like SuperLiga and the All-Star game. That's where part of the $250 million comes, but I'm guessing, really.

artnsue said...

Your first paragraph makes it sound as if you and most people thought Beckham was making 50 million a season as salary. I thought it was widely known among those that follow soccer that it is actually 5 million salary and the bulk is endorsements, revenue share, etc.??