Thursday, March 6, 2008

Paul pushed out

Another sports writer who would occasionally cover soccer has been ousted in the latest round of media cuts at the LA News Group, the Singleton-owned conglomerate that has been axing so many jobs lately. Paul Oberjuerge didn't come to many games in Los Angeles - he's based out in the Inland Empire. He covered the Galaxy at times, though, mostly for one player in particular. No, not David Beckham. Landon Donovan is an IE native who grew up in Redlands. Paul, writing for the San Bernardino Sun, may have been the first sports reporter who covered Landon regularly. He'd check in on Landon now and again as the soccer star's career progressed.

No one who replaces Paul can hope to replicate the connection he had established through the years with Landon, so even if the paper bothers to send someone to cover a soccer match, the insider perspective Paul was able to get will be gone forever.


L.B. said...

Man, this breaks my heart. Paul was my first editor. He gave me my first job in journalism and gave me my first break in soccer when he let me cover the Galaxy in 1998. I'll always be grateful to him for that. His knowledge of all things San Bernardino is unmatched and it's truly a shame he was let go.

Anonymous said...

I loved his "Trip through Mexico" series a couple of years back. That type of writing is what makes reading fun. I can't imagine that he won't bounce back. If he were to take another soccer trip and use that to write an article or book, I'd buy that mag or book in an instant!

Soccer Fan From Georgia

Anonymous said...

I too am a fan of Paul's. Read his blog daily - loved his personal connections to LD and the inside info he'd share with us. And yes, his "Trip through Mexico" was great reading. I truly hope he lands somewhere else...I'll follow him anywhere. :)

Dan Haug said...

I lived in Redlands for a while in 2001-2002, and the Sun had the best soccer coverage I've ever seen from a paper that size.

I hope Paul lands on his feet soon!!!

Matthew Zimmerman said...

Yet another sports stalwart is let go in the rcent bloodletting. I didn't always agree with Paul's views, but the man's work earned the respect of everyone who came into contact with him.

He covered World Cups, Olympics, everything. This is a grave injustice for journalism.