Thursday, March 26, 2015

If You're Happy, Then You Know It

Is it possible to rate happiness? If so, how much does that factor into a team sport like soccer?

We've seen disgruntled teams implode in tournaments, and we've also seen teams where everyone was smiling, looking like they're having a great time, genuinely friendly with each other, do very well in games. 

But is happiness measurable as a factor to winning?

What about personal preference? Would a player prefer to be part of a team that was a happy one? 

The truth is, most players will say that they want to play for the best team they can, regardless of the camaraderie among teammates. They'll take sullen silences and diva attitudes in return for winning. 

Then again, losing a lot probably doesn't improve a team's attitude or ambiance. The US have only won 2 of their last 11 games. 

William Yarbrough and Ventura Alvarado are eligible for both the USA and Mexico. 

Mexico seems to be having more fun under Piojo. If that matters to the duo, it could play a factor in any final decision, should Mexico ever come calling for their services. 

If you could choose, which would you pick and why?

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