Thursday, March 19, 2015

Who Mexico Didn't Call

They didn't call Billy boy. 

Anyway, I'm not sure anyone even calls William Yarbrough "Billy", but I couldn't help myself. The Mexican-born goalkeeper of American parents has accepted a call-up from the one and only Jurgen Klinsmann, so he's apparently going to throw his lot in with the USA instead of Mexico. 

Club Leon had a nice little throwback to their history of USMNT players. 

But is Klinsmann really serious about Yarbrough? He's made some picks before that just seemed off-hand and not about building a strong senior squad. 

Then again, Yarbrough is probably smart to seize the opportunity. Miguel Herrera wasn't encouraging on El Tri prospects for Yarbrough. 

A friendly match doesn't cap tie Yarbrough, of course. But he would have to file an official FIFA switch to Mexico if he's already suited up for the USA, even in a friendly. 

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