Monday, March 17, 2008

Letting them have it

Monday's cover of Cancha, a Mexican sports daily:

Roughly translated, it says:

Idiots don't go to China

> El Tri misses chances in ridiculous manner and is incapable of beating 9 Haitians by 5 goals

> The best generation in recent years is out of the Olympics and Hugo Sanchez endures his worst failure


And here's another version of Monday's Cancha cover. Not sure but I think this one ran in Mexico City while the other in Guadalajara.

Rough translation:


> Mexico won't go to the Olympic games; is incapable of beating 9 Haitians by 5 goals

> Another promise Hugo does not fulfill; he said he would win the 2007 Gold Cup but lost in the final; said he would win a medal in Beijing and does not even qualify

> Canada will go to semifinals instead of Mexico after routing Guatemala

1 comment:

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

In a world in which Kristine Lilly, Greg Ryan and Abby Wambach conspire to screw over Hope Solo, and Alexi Lalas single-handedly destroys a once-great franchise, it's nice to see some arrogant deleted expletive get his comeuppance.

I lost all respect for Hugool when he started criticizing Lavolpe to everyone and anyone who would listen in the Mexican media, just so he could lobby for Lavolpe's job. Then again, that seems to be par for the course with Mexican soccer (Manuel Lapuente did the same thing when he left as the national team's coach). Mexican soccer would eat its young, if it could, just to win and win in an attractive style.