Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fishy, fishy on the hook

Just had an interview with Carlos Ruiz. I'll post the audio later, after the story I'm working on runs. He's here at the stadium to support Guatemala in their efforts to qualify for the Olympics.

At one point, I asked him if David Beckham ever talks to him in Spanish. He said yes, then noted that Beckham's Spanish is probably about the level of his own (Carlos) English skills.

Actually, Carlos speaks English quite well. I conducted the interview in Spanish, though, mostly because he usually says a little bit more when he's speaking in Spanish.

Another journalist once told me that even though he speaks Spanish, too, he always interviews Carlos in English. "His answers are more blunt in English. I like that honesty and simplicity, so I always ask him stuff in English." (It wasn't Luis, by the way.)

I did switch to English for one question. Carlos didn't miss a beat - he answered quickly, speaking Spanish.


Anonymous said...

looking forward to the whole thing. muchos gracias :)


FC Uptown said...

Any truth from what you can tell of the plethora of "Beckham is sick of LA" rumors?

A.C. said...

Yeah, I talked to Lalas about that. Some of it was off the record. It's crazy how one news outlet picks up a story and then all the others run it. It's all based on a statement by Posh that she thinks the family will move back to London someday. Then that snowballs into "Becks wants to leave LA".

FC Uptown said...

Thank you!