Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cuban players defect

I like Kaufman's detail of how the team celebrated their new freedom with a meal of Cuban food.

Selfishly, I hope Miami gets an MLS team. I'd like to read more soccer stuff from her.


FC Uptown said...

With the right set-up, I could see Miami tempting a fair amount of South American and Euro players. Who wouldn't want a condo on South Beach and supermodels and a great Latin community?

Anonymous said...

I actually heard Max comment that "the Cuban keeper will be in the MLS next year" right he was...

papa bear said...

I dunno, Florida just isn't a great state for sports save for the college variety.
Florida and the Miami area in particular got their shot and BLEW IT (2 times in MLS). Time to stop trying to wedge a square peg in a round hole, IMO
I would like to see the keeper go to Chicago. We need more depth there. Of course something tells me Chivas USA got on the phone immediately with the injury to Guzan lingering.

just another one of you said...

papa bear, you should have stopped writing after your second word. You're right, you don't know. If Florida isn't a great sports state how do they support 9 professional sports teams, on top of 3 premier college athletic programs?

If you want to learn why Miami's (or rather Ft Lauderdale's) team didn't work out you can read another of Michelle Kaufman's article here where she explains it all -

Your comment is the same miami-bias bullshit that is pervasive among sports fans. How did Miami blow it? Why does San Jose get to have a team again? the group that currently runs Miami FC is the company that organizes the major club/nat'l tournaments across the hemisphere.

just another one of you said...

you can also see video of the players post-defection here:

chris said...

Your link is broken. Try this:

papa bear said...

Just another one: you should also check out the attendance of those 9 pro sports teams and get back to me about spouting bullshit. ;)

Marlins average about 10K a game even when they are WINNING CHAMPIONSHIPS
Miami Dolphins where running under capacity last year by a good margin which happens in no other NFL city.

Dude, that article has been run so many times the past week it's sad. seriously. Floridan need to stop pointing to a 3k bump in attendance while they are winning as 'proof' that they were turning it around.

I agree with you, San Jose never really did anything to deserve another shot...except get some one with hundreds of millions of dollars to put his backing behind it. Sadly that is enough in MLS. In fairness though, the biggest factor for San Jose moving was AEG wanting a stadium there and not getting it. Not poor support.

Where is the billionaire backing Miami? Oh that's right. There isn't one.
Do I even need to go around to the Magic and the Bucaneers weak attendance and the hockey teams as well?
Every single team in Florida has been on the sales block in the last 10 years because they hemmorage money.
But yeah, you keep believing that a 3k bump in ONE YEAR is proof that soccer was going to be the big game in town.

oh and you cited the strong collegiate programs which I cited as well so I'm not sure where you are getting at there. College sports are totally different especially in the south east where they are the de facto pro sports. You should know that as well as anyone assuming you are from Florida.

Miami FC? The team that averages a 'robust' 950 fans a game? That one? They handle the Brazilian national team, they handle NOTHING in the Northern/Western hemisphere. SUM handles everything in the US.

So if you want to use an article, from a Miami based writer mind you, and a USL team that averages fewer fans than many teams average in the bathrooms during any break in the action then I think we see who's been drinking the Miami kool-aid.