Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dead Teams Playing

No seriously, who expects Mexico to put up five goals? Haiti just needs to win, though, and that would knock out Canada.
Anyway, they kick off.
Grahame's here - he said he was reading the blog and decided he had to come to the second game after Canada scored the third goal. He was pretty surprised to find out they scored two more.
5 - Five of the Haitian players are wearing gloves - are they kidding? It's not that cold.
6 - Mexico FK Edgar Andrade puts it wide. "They need a goal every 15 minutes," says Grahame. "So they're still on pace."
13 - Wow - The post has turned against Mexico - Two players are in the box with shots. The first is parried by Johnny Placide and goes off the bar, the rebound falls, another shot - the other post.
17 - GOAL! Mexico! Just as Grahme speculates that Mexico could, if they really are giving up, throw this game and knock out Canada by losing, a long cross comes in to Villaluz and he heads it into goal. They're slightly off the 15 minute pace, though.
19 - Haiti is looking dangerous on the counter - Leonel Saint-Preux is blowing past everyone.
26 - Sony Norde from long-range. We're all wondering what the heck he was thinking, but then it nearly went in.
29 - RED CARD! Edgar Andrade gets taken down by Judelin Aveska. He's the last man back and the red gets pulled by ref Joel Aguilar. It's not a PK, though. Aguilar spots it right outside the box. The FK gets defelcted for a CK, which gets cleared. Grahame points out that Mexico is behind the clock pace for goals, but they do have a man advantage now.
40 - Technical problems, but during that span, Mexico haven't scored, though they had three close calls.
41 0 Haiti CK - Memo comes out and catches it. Pablo Barrera runs the length of the field with the ball, then hits a cross that drifts out of bounds by just a bit. What a waste.
44 - Mexico is putting in long crosses. They're getting away from the short-pass, quick moves that served them so well earlier. Haiti is tall and athletic enough to fend off the longball tactic.
Yellow for Barrera now, he cleated Fabrice while fighting for the ball.
45 - Mexico's fans are incensed - a foul on Castillo in the corner of the box gets spotted just outside, no PK. Castillo takes the FK, it gets cleared out, he sends a cross back in and Alan Zamora heads it over the bar.
Yellow for Santiago Fernandez - dissent for arguing an offside call.

Halftime - Grahame notes that Mexico now needs a goal every nine minutes.

47 - Landin is in. The crowd is subdued, though.
48 - Six shots on target for Mexico, but only one goal.
50 CK Mexico. Castillo hits it short, then in side the box the cross bumps off the Hatian defender's arm. Crowd wants a PK, but ref waves the contact off as incidental.
53 - What can I say, there's not a lot of urgency in this match right now. Mexico are so far behind what they need to qualify that the discouragement must be inevitable.
54 - Enrique Esqueda redirects a cross in the box, right to goalkeeper Johnny Placide.
56 - Castillo is in the box again - goes down, no call. The fans and Hugo Sanchez are especially upset by that one. Security better protect Aguilar after the game.
58 - The press box is trying to figure out when is the last time the Olympic team of Mexico scored more than one goal in a game. I think we might have to go back to when they beat the U.S. in Jalisco four years ago
60 - GOAL! Mexico! "Now they need a goal every five or six minutes," says Grahame. "Ooh, here comes one. They've got five or six guys running in the box. One of them has to make it."
Sure enough, Edgar Andrade does. 2-0 Villaluz had the cross
62- Castillo is in the box, goes down, no PK.
63 - GOAL! Haiti! On the counter, Leonel, who Grahame is picking for a move to MLS, gets a quick flick pass, moves to a better angle and knocks it just inside the post. 2-1
68 - Another attack in which Mexico had numbers up and should have done better, but the cross goes over the goal and out of bounds.
70 - GOAL! Mexico Edgar Andrade passes to Enrique Esqueda in the box, who sends a toe-poke pass to Santiago Fernandez, who puts it away. 3-1 Mexico
72 - Landin in the box - fires straight to the keeper. Grahame "Not the baby-faced assasin - the baby-faced asinine" Trust, they're not the same thing.
73 - Ugh, miss of the year. Fernandez alone in front of goal gets a pass and somehow, from four feet away, kicks it too hard and it goes over the goal. Incredible. No one can believe he missed that.
74 - Castillo into the box again, doesn't fall down, centers past the goalkeeper - and Fernandez redirects it wide of the goal. I think he was six feet away in front of an open goal that time, though.
78 - About five guys on Mexico's team touch the ball in the box, but no one gets a shot off. PK! Dangerous play - a Haitian player kicked high in the box during that tangle.
79 - Cesar takes it - Placide saves! Dang, this is not good for Mexico.
80 - The pressbox is now thinking that Mexico's team has blown so many chances that Hugo Sanchez simply can't be blamed for this. It's evil juju or something.
82 - Andrade on the wing has three teammates running for his pass and he overshoots all of them with a way-too-hard cross. Wow.
83 - A shot off the post by Mexico - Yikes.
83 - GOAL! Mexico - A three on one, and this time, Mexico doesn't screw it up. Esqueda scores. 4-1 Mexico
84 - 86 Fighting and shoving breaks out at the center circle. The ref brings out the red for Jaqueson Jean, but Haiti argues it for a long time.
89 - GOAL Mexico! Haiti, surprisingly isn't playing defensively. They still have their forwards, what's left of them, up. A counter springs three players and the one defender there is easily avoided, as is the charging goalkeeper. Landin scores it. 5-1
90+ Five minutes of stoppage time. Mexico needs one more goal to send this to a tiebreak.
Now Haiti has players back. They run the offsides trap well and Mexico gets caught in it. They try again. Landin 1v1! Placide saves! Foot save alone against Landin.
Silva has hurt his arm, but he plays on - they've used up their subs.
Placide picks the ball of Landin's foot in the box. It's the last charge.
Final whistle. Mexico falls one goal short. "You know what it came down to?" Grahame says. "They missed that penalty. They didn't get the gimme goal."


nate said...

Mexico hasn't scored five goals in their previous seven games together, so I would say "no chance".

I can't hear any chants of "La Volpe" yet ... they must be saving thm for the second half ...

So will Ramirez be the next coach?

bdure said...

Haiti just needs a win, right?

Isn't it Guatemala 6, Canada 4, Haiti 3, Mexico 1?

A.C. said...

Yep, that's right - Haiti just needs to win.

El Rey said...

Thanks for the info on the streaming. I'm watching the game while reading Andrea's Blog. Good thing I understand spanish.

I'm a Mexican American who roots for the USA and Mexico (when they are not playing the U.S.. I'm really not a big fan of Hugo Sanchez so I find myself hoping MEX loses which is unfortunate because I am really proud of my culture and heritage. Hopefully todays lose will put an end to his tenure. The team needs a coach with a lot less of an ego.

nate said...

El rey, If you really are Mexican then you can't cheer against your country. Its about the patch on the jersey, not the man who fills out the line-up card.

You have to stay with your team ...

A.C. said...

I don't think anyone can tell anyone else how to be a fan. It's an individual thing. Everyone has to follow their heart, or it's not real.

FC Uptown said...

OMG! The fix is in - Haiti...have you completely given up????

Bill said...

Wow. 4 on zero and the keeper still got a hand on it.

nate said...

This is the strangest half of futy I have watched in years ...

enganche said...

How can Hugo Sanchez be blamed when Mexico misses sitters and a penalty kick?

El Rey said...

They are hanging their keeper out to dry. No one is running to get back on D.

FC Uptown said...

Can't blame Sanchez on this - these guys have so many chances.

nate said...

Mexico should be up 13 - 1 right now

FC Uptown said...

Wow. That was something else. Another 5 minutes, and Mexico would have busted out another 3-4 goals. Haiti had nothing at the end.

El Rey said...

I must agree that Sanchez really can't be blamed for this loss, but I still can't stand the joker.

Anonymous said...

Wow Mexico couldn't finish to save their life. They should have won at least 8-1. Mexico put themselves in this position and have no one to blame but themselves. But you have to wonder why Mexico didn't play with this urgency from day one?

Murfmensch said...

I didn't understand the red card issued to the Haitian sideline.

Nashville may not have the crowd it deserves without Mexico there.

Gabriel in Argentina said...

I agree..Mexico has themselves to blame for being in this position. I watched the game on the net with the Mexican announcers and they said that this was the worst game played by a Mexican team in a long time.

I think you do blame Sanchez for this unless you plan on getting rid of the all players. He had the most games in preparation than any other team at the tournament and they failed. At the end, they did not have a style. That is the coach's fault

Martin said...

What an amazing night, I'm with those who say you can't blame Hugo Sanchez for this elimination. He didn't miss that penalty or those easy chances inside the box. But Mexico didn't lose out on qualifying tonight, they lost it in their previous two games. I agree with one of the anonymous posters who asked where was this play from Mexico in the previous games?

Gabriel, Guatemala and Cuba were the teams who had the most preparation of any of the competing nations in this tournament. Ultimately Hugo, as the coach is the responsible party here but Mexico aren't going to Beijing not because of him but because they simply couldn't finish well enough.

Hmm, I wonder what Canadian fans were thinking in those final minutes?